Wright's Haven Farm  

307 Ossipee Trail, Limington, ME 04049

(207) 637-3760

Miniature Jerseys & Cashmere Goats

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Welcome to Our Farm!

We have a sign that hangs on our living room wall that says "All because two people fell in love." That sign seems to sum up the reason why we have our farm! From our humble beginnings with just us and our children, the farm has expanded to includes cattle, goats,sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, and turkeys, not to mention the dog!

Since our original purpose in raising animals was for our own enjoyment and consumption, we raise them naturally. We handle our animals nearly everyday so we have very gentle and loving herds. All of our animals are fed on lush pasture and/or rich New England forest, depending upon the animal's preference. Our animals have up to date vaccines and are in exceptional health.





Cows and Cashmere Goats for Sale!
Please call us for our current inventory. Ask for Deb!

Store Hours
Our store hours are now by appointment only. Call Deb to set up a time!.

Bull Semen Available
We have semen from 6 of our bulls available for purchase. Semen from Heath, Carter, Dream Catcher, Franklin, James, and Gandalf is currently available.

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