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Miniature Jerseys & Cashmere Goats

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Cashmere Goats

Originally, our farm had only cows. However, we soon realized that the cattle would not eat some of the pasture . During an evening discussing digging up and replanting the fields, the idea of getting a goat to cleanup the leftovers was brought up. This, we decided, was a wonderful idea, so research into goats began. We settled on the Cashmere Goat and when we found some that we liked, well, being a herd animal, of course we couldn't get just one. Thus began our herd. We now have 36 goats that we raise for cashmere, milk, and meat.

Though there is still argument on whether the Cashmere Goat is a breed or simply a producer of fine fiiber, Cashmere goats have been recognized as a distinct breed of goat by the North American Cashmere Goat Association. Regardless of your belief, we believe that the lineage of our herd has it's roots in Spanish Goats, Fainting Goats, and Sable Saanen Goats. Over the years, our goats have been continuously crossbred to produce the best cashmere fiber possible, so quite honestly, we don't know the exact breed of the fiber goats anymore.

Cashmere is the softer, insulating underhair of a goat. It is warmer than wool , but unlike wool, is not as scratchy or itchy. On average, our goats produce about 4 ounces of cashmere each year with the wethers producing more.



Cows for Sale!
We currently have 2 standard Jersey Heifers, 4 Miniture Jersey Heifers, and 1 Miniature Jersey Bull for sale.

Change in Milk Policy
Due to a change in our insurance we will no longer be able to offer not pasteurized milk for sale. All of our milk products, with the exception of our 60-day aged cheeses, will now either be heat-treated or pasteurized. Our apologies to those who have supported our dairy over the years.

Bull Semen Available
We have semen from 6 of our bulls available for purchase. Semen from Heath, Carter, Dream Catcher, Franklin, James, and Gandalf is currently available.

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